Kenyan teas are grown in regions of high altitude between 1500-2700 meters above sea level, getting 1200-1400mm of rainfall annually. The teas are pests and diseases free.

Refers to dried tea in the form of free-flowing powder and soluble in water produced by acceptable processes from wholesome leaves and tender shoots of any of the varieties of the species Camellia sinensis.

Tea derived from the tender leaves, buds, and shoots of varieties of the species Camellia sinensis, known to be suitable for making tea for consumption as a beverage. Purple tea is derived from tea varieties whose leaves have purple colouration due to anthocyanin and produced by acceptable processes including aeration, semi aeration and non-aeration.

Tea derived solely and exclusively, and produced by acceptable processes, by harvesting and a single withering/drying stage of the bud or bud and tender shoots (one to three leaves) of varieties of the species Camellia sinensis known to be suitable for making tea for consumption as a beverage.

a.    They have antioxidants that can prevent cancer.
b.    They help in weight loss as they increase the rate of metabolism.
c.    They reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
d.    They help in slowing aging.

Orthodox teas are whole tea leaves produced using the plucking, withering, rolling and drying method. CTC teas are fine teas, classified by grades, and produced using the plucking, cut, tear and curl method.

Black and green are colour descriptions of bulk property of the dry tea. The colour of the dry leaf matter is a reflection of the level of ‘aeration’ (formerly known as ‘fermentation’) that the material receives during primary processing, with green teas having minimal/no aeration and black teas, medium to extensive aeration. This colour is usually also reflected in the liquor, with green teas producing pale yellow-green to amber colour liquors and black teas producing pale amber to deep brown/black liquors. The tastes of these types of tea are also distinctive enough to be easily differentiated by skilled tea tasters.

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