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TEA is the world’s favorite drink, “SOKO” is a market place…..

And www.TEASOKO.com is your trusted online destination for quality 100% Kenyan grown Tea.

TEASOKO brings together Kenya’s communities that are most passionate about your cup of Tea.

TEASOKO was established to provide ultimate solutions for the tea industry in Kenya under the stewardship of JKUAT ENTERPRISES LIMITED. We are mandated to work with the whole tea value chain through market connectivity, business partnership with small scale farmers, cottages (tea factories) and other stakeholders.

In line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the Millennium Development Goals focusing on International Trade, we provide a platform that gives buyers access to premium Kenyan Tea at one’s convenience and producers access to the global market.

Kenya being one of the largest producers of black CTC which is rich in antioxidants has in recent times seen an uprising uptake increase of specialty teas has led us to help create an online platform that connects the outside market to our farmers and cottages through this platform.

We identify with the Specialty Tea sub-category as one that offers exciting growth into the future, this being set against the backdrop of Kenya being the world’s largest exporter of black tea. Specialty teas are other types of teas apart from the regular black CTC tea and include Purple tea, Green tea, Yellow tea, White tea and Oolong tea in both CTC and Orthodox (whole-leaf) formats.

Our teas are grown in regions of high altitude between 1500-2700 meters above sea level, getting 1200-1400mm of rainfall annually. The teas are pests and diseases free. Our tea is hand-picked, and only two leaves and the bud are used for tea production, excellence in cuppage, developed skills have been advancely developed over time in areas of tea farming, production and management this can be demonstrated by the tea quality. Kenyan tea factories/cottages are certified with the internationally acclaimed standards (ISO 22000; HACCP; Rain forest alliance, fair trade GMP) roma.

To be the premier solution provider/partner for tea globally.

To provide an efficient and effective platform that is sustainable to increase market share for Kenyan Tea.

To use high level technologies and human resource to market the products.

To guide and assist all stakeholders on our platform.


Certificates held by some of our sellers

Soil Organic
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